Rustic Full English

Cumberland sausage, bacon, fried egg, mushrooms, hash brown, grilled tomatoes and baked beans served with toast.

Rustic Vegetarian(V)

Potatoes waffle, veggie sausage, grilled courgette & tomatoes, fried egg, mushrooms and baked beans served with toast.


Smashed avocado, grilled courgette & tomatoes, sweet potatoes, vegan sausage, mushrooms and baked beans served with toast.

New Earley

Bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, hash brown, grilled courgette & tomatoes and baked beans.

Canadian Breakfast

Double bacon, double sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown, double eggs of your choice, double pancakes with maple syrup. Served with toast.

Create your own breakfast

Choose seven items of your choice

Bacon, sausage, fried egg, baked beans, hash brown, scrambled egg, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding, tinned tomato, fried bread.

Breakfast extras

Smashed avocado (v/ve) - £1.95

Smoked salmon - £2.50

Sweet potatoes - £1.95

Cumberland sausage - £1.20

Bacon - £1.20

Black pudding - £1.20

Fried egg - £1.10

Scrambled egg - £1.10

Baked beans - £1.10

Hash brown - £1.10

Mushrooms - £1.10

Grilled tomato - £1.00

Tinned tomato - £1.10

Fried bread - £1.00

Two slices of bread and butter/toast - £1.10









How do you like your eggs?












Egg Benedicts

Toasted English muffin, poached egg, ham and Hollandaise sauce

Egg Royale

Toasted English muffin, poached egg, smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce

Egg Florentine

Toasted English muffin, poached egg, wilted spinach and Hollandaise sauce

Smashed Avocado on toasted Ciabatta with choice of your egg (V)

Fried egg/scrambled egg/poached egg

Extra: Smoked salmon £2.00, Bacon £1.20

Mushrooms and Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Ciabatta (V)

Extras:Smoked salmon £2.00, Bacon £1.20


Served with toast and chips or salad

Plain (V

Cheese (V)

Spicy (V)

Mushrooms (V)


Smoked Salmon

Extra toppings 50p each:

tomatoes, sweetcorn, cheese, mushrooms, bacon


Served with Chips & Drink of your choice (Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/7UP/Tango)

Extra toppings £1 each: Bacon, Egg, Fried Onions & Mushrooms


Beef Burger

A quarter pounder beef burger topped with cheese,

lettuce, tomatoes & red onions.

Chicken Burger

Crispy breaded chicken topped with cheese, lettuce,

tomatoes & red onions.

Veggie Burger (V)

Veggie patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes & red





Potato lovers

Soft & fluffy on the inside, our baked potatoes are perfect base for a filling of your choice.

Served with salad garnish

Extra filling £1.00 each: Cheese, Sweetcorn, Mushrooms



Chilli Con Carne

Prawn Cocktail

Tuna Mayo

Cheese (V)









Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti pasta with bacon, creamy sauce & parmesan cheese

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti with mince beef, rich tomato sauce & parmesan cheese



All our pasta dishes are freshly cooked to order


salads, sides & soup

Chicken Caesar Salad

Sliced chicken breast with cucumber, tomatoes on a bed of lettuce

served with caesar dressing & parmesan cheese.

Green Salad (V)

Avocado, sweet potatoes, fried egg & spinach served with french dressing


Spicy Chips

Cheesy Chips

Onion Rings

SOUP of the Day (V)

Served with half ciabatta









Buttermilk pancakes

Fancy something SWEET?

Served with banana, fruit compote & maple syrup



3 Stack Pancakes (V)

5 Stack Pancakes (V)



Served with salad garnish

Peri-Peri Chicken

BBQ Chicken

Tuna Melt

Mozzarella, fresh vine tomatoes & basil






sandwiches & baguettes

Served with salad garnish


Cheese & Pickle (V)

Ham & Tomatoes

Sausage & Onions



Fish Finger

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber

Sausage or Bacon Bun

CLUB Sandwich

Triple layer toasted sandwich with chicken, bacon,

fried egg, tomatoes & lettuce



















rustic specials

Gurkha Chicken Curry

Classic nepalese style curry served with steamed rice.

Wok Fried Noodles

Choice of Chicken or Vegetables

Premium Beef Burger

Homemade steak mince burger topped with bacon, melted cheese,

lettuce, tomatoes & onions.

Served with chips, onion rings & a drink of your choice : Pepsi/Diet Pepsi






cakes & desserts


All our cakes are handmade



Lemon Drizzle


Banana split ice cream


Chocolate brownie with ice cream


Two scoop ice cream of your choice with sprinkles







Kids menu

Under 12's Only

Any Kids main course with a juice drink:

Purple/Orange Fruit Shoot, Apple/Orange juice, A glass of Milk


  •  Spaghetti Bolognese

  • Sausage, Egg & Chips

  • Beef Burger & Chips

  • Chicken Nuggets & Chips

  • Fish Fingers, Beans & Chips

  • Tuna Mayo Sandwich & Chips

  • Cheese sandwich & Chips (V)

  • Ham Sandwich & Chips

  • Spaghetti Carbonara 




Espresso                                                      £2.10

Americano                                                 £2.10

Cappuccino                                               £2.65

Cafe Latte                                                  £2.65

Mocha                                                          £2.85

Macchiato                                                 £2.45

Flat White                                                 £2.65

Hot Chocolate                                        £2.85

Classic spiced Chai Latte                 £3.35

Matcha Latte                                          £3.45


Add extra syrup (Caramel/Hazelnut/Vanilla) 50p

Iced Latte                                                                £3.10

Caramel Mocha Frappuccino                     £3.35

Iced latte Frappuccino                                    £3.25

Vegan Iced Coffee                                             £3.25

Iced Mocha with coffee cube                     £3.25

Lemon & Ginger Iced tea                              £2.30

Fruit Iced tea                                                        £2.30





(Served in a teapot)


English Breakfast                                               

Earl Grey



Fruit & Herbal



Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/7Up/Tango                            £1.50

San Pellegrino                                                            £1.70

J2O                                                                                    £2.15

Appletiser                                                                     £2.25

Bottlegreen Sparkling                                           £2.65

Apple/Orange/Cranberry Juice                      £1.50

Highland Still Water                                               £1.45

Highland Sparkling Water                                  £1.45


All our smoothies are blended with banana & natural yoghurt


Berry Blast/Tropical Treat/Pure Green

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch. We do not accept cheques. Prices are subject to change without notice. Size and weight are pre-cooking, our chicken may contain bones and our desserts and cakes may contain traces of nuts.

Minimum spending of £5.00 for credit or debit card payment.